FCC Steps Up Notices to Pirate Radio Broadcasters

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently issued notices to several individuals as part of its ongoing effort to restrict unlicensed radio operations and illegal, so-called pirate, radio broadcasts.

On one day alone, officials in Region One of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau issued two separate notices to individuals linked to illegal pirate radio broadcasting, one for an unlicensed FM broadcast station operating from a location in Newark, NJ, and the other for an unlicensed broadcast traced to a location in Queens, NY.

In a separate case, the Enforcement Bureau issued a notice to a car service operator in Far Rockaway, NY for continuing to operate under the terms of a land mobile radio station license that had expired and was not renewed.

In the pirate radio cases, the recipients of the notices were reminded that they face financial penalties of up to $2 million for failing to cease their illegal broadcasts. The car service operator was instructed to immediately cease their unlicensed radio operation and to respond to the FCC’s notice within 10 days with any evidence of their authority to continue operations.

Read the full text of each of the three notices issued by the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau:


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