FCC Steps Up Efforts to Provide Access to Robocall Blocking Tools

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is stepping up its efforts to stem the flow of unwanted and scam robocalls, calling on telecom providers to make public the robocall blocking calls they make available to consumers.

In a press release issued in mid-April, the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau reports that it has contacted major phone companies and third-party developers of call blocking tools and requested that they provide updated information on their efforts to enable consumers to block unwanted calls. The FCC is also seeking information on the effectiveness of blocking tools already in use, as well as steps that the companies have taken to ensure that call blocking technologies do not interfere with emergency services communications.

The data provided to the FCC by telecom providers is expected to be released in the Commission’s second Call Blocking Report scheduled to be issued later this year.

The FCC also announced that it has issued in the past two months cease and desist letters to eight separate companies believed to be behind the transmission of multiple robocall campaigns.

Read the FCC’s press release on its efforts to reduce robocalls.

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