FCC Reports on Stepped Up Enforcement Against Pirate Radio Operations

According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 2017 was a landmark year for its enforcement efforts against illegal broadcasting operations.

In a press release issued in April, the FCC summarized the activity of the Commission’s Enforcement Bureau in the past year in connection with pirate radio operations around the country. In brief:

  • The Enforcement Bureau undertook 306 pirate investigations and issued 210 notices of unlicensed operation;
  • The Commission fined illegal broadcasters $143,800 and proposed fines totaling $323,688;
  • FCC actions have resulted in four separate cases in which pirate radio equipment has been seized;
  • For the first time, the Commission has found property owners liable for actively supporting illegal pirate radio activity on their property.

In its press release, the Commission also notes that the Miami, Boston and New York City metropolitan areas have yielded the greatest concentration of illegal broadcasting activities, and that these areas are targeted for further enforcement efforts.

Read the complete test of the Commission’s press release regarding its 2017 enforcement efforts against pirate radio activities.

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