FCC releases telephone subscriber report

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released its most recent report on telephone subscriber levels in the United States.

The report, which is based on March 2010 statistics from the Census Bureau, provides subscriber penetration statistics by state, income level, race, age, household size and employment status.  Among the report’s highlights are the following key findings:

  • The telephone subscriber penetration rate increased to 96.0% by March 2010, the highest penetration rate reported since the data was first collected in November 1983;
  • Penetration rates for households with incomes below $15,000 was at or below 92.8%, while the rate for households in income categories over $50,000 was at least 98.0%;
  • Penetration rates by state range from a high of 98.8% in Colorado, to a low of 91.0% in the District of Columbia;
  • The penetration rate for employed adults was 96.9%; for unemployed adults, the penetration rate was 95.4%.

Read the complete text of the Commission’s Report on telephone subscriber levels in the United States.