FCC releases consumer broadband apps

In connection with the release of its National Broadband Plan, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also released its first mobile application for certain handheld devices.

The FCC’s new Consumer Broadband Test measures broadband quality indicators such as speed and latency, and reports the information to consumers and to the FCC. The FCC’s tool is reportedly based on two popular broadband testing tools, the Ookla, Inc. Speed Test, and the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) running on the Measurement Lab (M-Lab) platform.

A mobile version of the test is available for downloading to your Apple iPhone or other Android-compatible device through the Apple iPhone apps website (www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone), or the Android App Store (www.android.com/market).

A fixed-line version of the broadband test is available at www.broadband.gov.

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