FCC Reaches Settlement to Shut Down Boston Area Pirate Radio Stations

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reached a settlement with two Boston-area radio operators ending their pirate radio operations.

Under the terms of two separate Orders issued in late June, Acerome Jean Charles and Gerlens Cesar agreed to cease operation of their unauthorized radio broadcast stations (respectively, Radio Concorde and Radio TeleBoston), and to destroy any broadcasting equipment remaining in their possession. Each party also agreed to pay a nominal civil penalty and to be liable for a more significant penalty if they violate the terms of their Consent Decree with the FCC by resuming their illegal broadcasts anytime over the next 20 years.

The settlements represent significant reductions in the penalty amounts originally proposed by the FCC, more than $150,000 in the case of Jean Charles and more than $450,000 for Cesar. However, in filings with the Commission, each party demonstrated the lack of sufficient financial resources to pay the full forfeiture proposed. That information, along with evidence that the pirate radio operations were no longer in operation, paved the way for the settlements with each party.

Read the FCC’s Order detailing its settlement with Jean Charles.

Read the FCC’s Order detailing the settlement with Cesar.

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