FCC Proposes Fines Against Unlicensed Radio Operator in Boston

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed the maximum allowable fine under its authority against a pirate radio station operator in the Boston area.

According to a press release issued in mid-December, the Commission is seeking $151,005 from Acerome Jean Charles, the operator of Radio Concorde, a longstanding unlicensed radio station in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. Agents from the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau reportedly determined that Radio Concorde was operating a power levels that required a license, but that Charles continued to broadcast on the 106.3 MHz frequency after repeatedly being warned to cease his operations.

Read the FCC’s press release in connection with Radio Concorde.

In a separate matter, the FCC has proposed its largest fine ever in connection with a pirate radio operation, citing Gerlens Cesar, another Boston area operator with using three separate transmitters to broadcast above maximum permitted power levels for non-licensed operations. The Commission has proposed the statutory maximum monetary forfeiture for each of the three apparent violations, for a total proposed fine of $453,015.

Read the FCC’s press release in connection the Gerlens Cesar case.

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