FCC, Pirate Radio Operators in Worcester Reach Settlement

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has reached a settlement agreement in connection with an FCC investigation into a pirate radio operation in Worcester, MA.

According to a press release issued earlier this month by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Vasco Oburoni and Christian Praise International Church admitted to conducting unlicensed radio operations in the Worcester area and agreed to surrender all of their radio broadcasting equipment to the FCC. Further, the FCC retains the right to conduct future inspections should they suspect that the parties engage in future violations and to fine them $75,000 should new operations be verified.

As we reported in March, Oburoni had previously been fined $15,000 by the FCC for unlicensed radio operation at 97.1 MHz and had agreed to a payment plan in connection with the earlier violation. But more recent complaints by at least one other licensed radio operator in the area identified subsequent operations at 102.3 MHz traceable back to Oburoni and the church that interfered with legitimate radio signals.

Read the FCC’s press release announcing its settlement with Oburoni and Christian Praise International Church.

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