FCC Launches Space Bureau

Recognizing our future reliance on space-based infrastructures to support the deployment of advanced telecommunications capabilities in underserved areas, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the formation of a new Space Bureau within the agency.

According to a press release, the Space Bureau will “lead policy and licensing matters related to satellite and space-based communications and activities.” Specifically, the Bureau will conduct policy analysis and rulemakings, authorize satellite and earth station systems for space-based services, and streamline regulatory processes to enable operators to meet customer needs more effectively.

Most important, the Space Bureau will help foster the efficient use of scarce spectrum and orbital resources and serve as a liaison with other federal agencies and foreign government officials on issues related to space policy and governance.

In its press release, the FCC also announced the formation of a new Office of International Affairs (OIA). The OIA will take the lead in engaging with representatives of regulatory authorities in other global jurisdictions around the world and help facilitate future rulemakings and policies on international telecommunications issues.

Read the FCC’s press release regarding the launch of its Space Bureau.

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