FCC Issues Notices of Unlicensed Radio Operations

The Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appears to be stepping up its efforts to combat unlicensed radio operations, if recent Notices of Unlicensed Operation in the metro New York area are any indication.

During the first week of June, the Enforcement Bureau’s New York office issued three separate Notices of Unlicensed Operation, against Maria Santiago of New York City, Dexter Blake of Mount Vernon, NY, and Martin Sanchez of Passaic, NJ. In each instance, the issued Notices were a response to complaints of unlicensed FM stations operating on various frequencies, complaints which were verified by Enforcement Bureau agents using direction finding techniques.

The operators cited in the Notices were warned that unlicensed operation of radio transmitting equipment is a violation of Federal laws, which could subject them to financial penalties and criminal sanctions, including imprisonment.

Read the Notice of Unlicensed Operation issued to Maria Santiago.

Read the Notice of Unlicensed Operation issued to Dexter Blake.

Read the Notice of Unlicensed Operation issued to Martin Sanchez.


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