FCC issues enforcement advisory regarding HAC compliance

In the wake of its stepped-up enforcement efforts, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is advising wireless telephone service providers to review their compliance with the Commission’s rules regarding hearing aid compatibility (HAC).

Under FCC regulations, wireless service providers are required to make available to consumers handsets that meet or exceed the minimum rating for hearing aid compatibility, and to file an annual statement attesting to their compliance with HAC requirements.  Failure to comply with the Commission’s HAC requirements can result in monetary penalties starting at $15,000 per violation.  Failure to comply with the annual reporting requirement can result in monetary penalties starting at $6000 per violation.

In an Enforcement Advisory issued in January, the Commission specifically reminded wireless service providers about the required annual compliance filing, which was due on January 18, 2011.

Read the Federal Communications Commission’s Enforcement Advisory regarding HAC for wireless telephones.