FCC issues citation to Chinese company for illegal marketing of jammers

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a citation to a Chinese company for illegally marketing in the United States a device that jams cell phones and GPS systems.

The cited company, Everbuying.com, is based in China’s Shenzhen’s Province, but its website was discovered by an agent from the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau here in the United States.  In browsing the website, the FCC agent observed a number of devices being marketed by the company as “jammer devices.” The agent then placed an on-line order for a “Mini Cigarette Lighter Anti-Tracker GPS Jammer Blocker,” which subsequently arrived by mail.  Testing by the FCC confirmed that the device it received from the company jammed the GPS L1 frequency.

FCC regulations prohibit both the marketing and operation of such jamming devices in the United States.  Importantly, in a footnote to the Citation issued to Everbuying.com, the FCC reiterated the responsibility of the seller to comply with applicable laws, and further affirmed that the posting of a notice on the website indicating that jammer devices may not be allowed in certain countries is an insufficient defense.

Read the complete text of the citation against Everybuying.com for illegally marketing a device that jams cell phones and GPS systems.