FCC Enforcement Bureau Continues to Battle Pirate Radio Broadcasters

Like the proverbial dog with a bone, the Enforcement Bureau of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is continuing its relentless efforts to curtail illegal pirate radio broadcasting with a new round of Notices.

During the second half of October, officials in three regions of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau issued Notices to four separate parties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado. In each case, the named parties were identified as owners of buildings or other properties determined to be a source of radio operations for which no FCC license had been issued.

The Notices served to each recipient warn them of their potential liability for financial penalties of up to $2 million if they fail to immediately cease the illegal broadcasting operations. The recipients were further instructed to confirm with the FCC that such illegal operations have been discontinued.

If you’re keeping count (as we’re trying to do!), this latest action brings to 19 the number of Notices issued by the Enforcement Bureau in the last few months in connection with illegal radio broadcasting activities.

Read the text of each of the four Notices issued by the Enforcement Bureau and published in the FCC’s Daily Digest:

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