FCC Commissioner Proposes Pirate Radio Enforcement Policy

In the wake of the decision by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to restructure its Enforcement Bureau, eliminating some field offices and reducing the number of field agent positions, one FCC Commissioner has stepped up with his own plan to ensure continue vigorous enforcement against pirate radio operations.

In a September 2015 blog posting, Commissioner Michael O’Rielly presented a draft policy statement intended to further clarify the Commission’s commitment to combatting pirate radio operations. Of particular note in the draft was O’Rielly’s recommendation for “an education component” of the FCC’s policy, targeted to:

“those entities that may knowingly or unknowingly assist pirate radio operators in any capacity, including building owners and managers, national and local campaigns for political office, media advertisers, radio programming suppliers, concert promoters and venue operators, and equipment manufacturers and importers.”

O’Rielly’s draft goes on to warn that those who facilitate pirate radio operations “may be subject to enforcement or legal actions, as permitted under law,” and encourages those who have relevant information about specific pirate radio operations to cooperate with the FCC and local enforcement authorities.

Read the complete text of Commissioner O’Rielly’s blog post on pirate radio enforcement.

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