FCC Clarifies Emissions Requirements for LED Lights

LEDThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published guidelines that clarify how FCC rules apply to radio frequency (RF) light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products. RF LED lighting devices are classified as unintentional radiators and are therefore are subject to the FCC’s Part 15 rules. The new Knowledge Database (KDB) publication outlines manufacturers’ responsibilities for controlling interference and provides advice on how to avoid common mistakes.

The FCC suggests that manufacturers should: “use good engineering design and construction techniques, to meet and even exceed the required attenuation of unwanted emissions; extend compliance testing beyond the frequency range guidance traditionally required; and provide suggested interference mitigation techniques to users on how to resolve harmful interference problems.”

The entire document is available through the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division KDB.

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  1. Hung Dao

    Does anyone knows if FCC is required to sell led headlamps that runs on AAA batteries only in the USA.


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