FCC Chairman Releases Summary of Commission’s 2017 Accomplishments

Marking the one year anniversary of his designation as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai has released a scorecard summarizing his agency’s accomplishments in 2017.

The report, entitled “Chairman Pai Leads a Year of Action and Accomplishment,” lists more than 70 individual actions taken by the FCC under Pai’s leadership. The report organizes the actions under five separate categories, including: 1) bridging the digital divide; 2) promoting innovation and investment; 3) protecting consumers and enhancing public safety; 4) transparency and process reforms; and 5) cutting and modernizing outdated regulations.

Of potential interest to In Compliance readers are a number of actions under the category of promoting innovation and investment, most notably the FCC’s streamlining and modernization of its authorization requirements for most radiofrequency devices. Other actions under this category include approval of the first-ever wireless charging technology, approval of the first LTE-U device, and several initiatives intended to free up portions of the electromagnetic spectrum to support expansion of advanced and innovative services.

Read the complete text of Chairman Pai’s report.

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