FCC announces broadband action agenda

In support of its National Broadband Plan issued in March, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has now released a more detailed, tactical plan to implement the Plan’s key recommendations.

The Commission’s “Broadband Action Agenda” provides a roadmap for the completion of more than 60 separate rulemaking and other notice-and-comment proceedings required to achieve the primary goals of the National Broadband Plan.  Those goals include:

  • Promoting world-leading mobile broadband infrastructure and innovation;
  • Accelerating universal broadband access and adoption, and advancing national purposes;
  • Fostering competition and maximizing consumer benefit across the broadband ecosystem;
  • Advancing robust and secure public safety communications networks.

In addition to completing the individual agenda items, the FCC says that it will simultaneously work on a number of initiatives that support the Plan that don’t require formal agency proceedings.

The Commission says that executing its Broadband Agenda will lead to more affordable high-speed Internet access for more Americans, promote innovation, investment, and competition, and advance the use of broadband Internet access in support of key national priorities, such as public safety, healthcare and education.

View the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) complete Broadband Action Agenda.

View the implementation schedule for the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Broadband Action Plan.