FCC Adopts Rules for Wireless Microphones

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted new rules intended to provide users of wireless microphones with continued shared access to spectrum currently assigned to television broadcasts.

Currently, wireless microphones typically operate in unused spectrum in television broadcast frequencies, as well as in other bands on both a licensed and unlicensed basis. However, the FCC is concerned that recent changes in the allocation of spectrum for television broadcasts might leave fewer frequencies available for wireless microphone operations in the future.

To address this potential problem, the Commission has modified its rules to expand licensed use of 600 MHz spectrum band to include all licensed users in television bands, including broadcasters, cable programming networks, movie studios and operators ad major entertainment venues. The Commission has also authorized the operation of wireless microphones on a secondary basis in three additional spectrum bands, and is evaluating additional opportunities for licensed wireless microphone use in other television bands.

Read the text of the FCC’s press release on its rule changes applicable to wireless microphones.

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