FCC Adopts New Rules for “Spectrum Horizons”

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted rules intended to encourage the development of new communications technologies in the spectrum above 95 GHz.

Issued in mid-March, the Commission’s First Report and Order, titled “Spectrum Horizons,” creates a new category of experimental licenses for use in the frequencies between 95 GHz and 3 THz. The FCC says that these licenses will provide innovators with the opportunity to conduct experiments in these frequencies, and ultimately to more easily market equipment designed to operate in them.

Prior to the Commission’s action, communications at frequencies above 95 GHz were limited to amateur operators or as part of experiments with limited duration and scope. However, according to the Commission, rapid advancements in radio technology have made these outermost spectrum bands a target for the deployment of new and experimental communications technologies.

Read the Commission’s First Report and Order regarding the Spectrum Horizon initiative.

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