Fairchild Semiconductor and Infineon Technologies Enter Into Compatibility Agreement for Power MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) and Infineon Technologies, today announced a packaging partnership for their power MOSFETs in the MLP 3×3 (Power33™ or S3O8) and PowerStage 3×3 packages.

The compatibility agreement is in response to the need for supply security while balancing the drive towards best-in-class efficiency and thermal performance in DC-DC conversion. It takes advantage of the expertise both companies offer for asymmetric, dual and single MOSFETs for DC-DC applications from 3A to 20A.

“Fairchild and Infineon have standardized the pin-out and have complementing performance levels, offering customers two sources for their high efficiency design needs in the computing, telecom and server markets,” said John Bendel, Fairchild’s senior vice president of Low Voltage Products. “This package alignment is staged to deliver performance leading products in a multi-source, industry standard package.”

“Standardizing power packages benefits our customers as we minimize the amount of ‘unique’ packages available in the market place, while offering solutions that enhance performance levels in smaller form factors than the previous generations,” added Richard Kuncic, director and product line manager Low Voltage MOSFETs at Infineon Technologies.

Further information is available at www.fairchildsemi.com.

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