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Fair-Rite Products Corporation Expands Power Inductive Selection

Fair-Rite Products Corp. has announced the expansion of its line of power inductive materials to include a full offering of standard components as well as custom shapes and sizes. These materials are highlighted in a new catalog and are designed to optimize performance across operating frequency and temperature to produce efficient energy conversation products.

There are 5 new materials for transformers and power supplies operating in the 20 to 750 kHz frequency range. Above 200 MHz, Fair-Rite has 4 additional materials available. These materials will provide the same quality and performance synonymous with the Fair-Rite family of EMC products.

In addition to these materials, Fair-Rite has also broadened its offerings for power applications including complex geometrics of pot cores, RM cores and much more. The parts are characterized in the catalog as non-gapped components, but can be gapped to an Al value or to other mechanical specifications to meet the needs of the application.

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Backed by nearly 60 years of technical support provided by an in-house Application Engineering group and an extensive sales organization, the group works closely with design engineers to ensure the material selected is the best for application. Fair-Rite consults with the design engineers to determine how parameters may affect efficiency in the design since performance can be a characteristic of geometry and application. For onsite support, Fair-Rite’s 18 manufacture representative groups and their 9 distributors provide the most comprehensive territorial coverage within the industry. Their
generous sample policy with most power and inductive parts available in stock, Fair-Rite is able to supply proof of concept samples overnight, if required.

For more information on these new lines of materials, visit Fair-Rite online at




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