Fair-Rite Products Corp. Announces the Addition of Flexible Ferrites to Their Product Line

Fair-Rite Products Corp. is proud to announce the addition of Flexible Ferrites to their extensive product line-up. These RoHS compliant flexible sheets are offered in four thicknesses and six material grades.

Functioning primarily as an EMI suppressor, the flexible ferrite blocks noise at lower frequencies and absorbs it at higher frequencies. Applications include shielding antennas and RF circuits from reflection and eddy currents induced by metal surfaces. Additionally, radiated noise on PCBs and ICs from internally and externally generated sources can be effectively suppressed. The flexible ferrite sheets are ideal for use in RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) applications, improving performance in mobile devices. Wireless charging pads and receiver coils can also benefit from the use of ferrite sheets by improving connectivity between devices and to protect from unwanted power transmission to internal components.

Product samples are available upon request. For information about Fair-Rite’s flexible ferrite,  please visit www.fair-rite.com/