FAA Says 5G May Have Been Source of In-Flight Avionic Failures

As the deployment of 5G technologies gains traction around the world, some aviation experts are expressing concerns regarding potential connections between 5G cellular networks and unexplained interferences with critical avionic flight systems.

According to an article published on the Flight Global website, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suspects that new 5G cellular installations may have been the source of approximately 80 separate instances of aircraft system interference this year. The FAA reportedly told Flight Global that “none of these (cases) resulted in safety-related effects, and none affected a direct aircraft control input such as autothrottle or speed breaks/spoilers”

But the FAA has also continued to call for changes to current regulations regarding the deployment and use of technologies operating in the 5G C-band environment, insisting that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should “codify certain additional operating limits” on 5G operations to avoid future compromises to aviation safety.

Read a summary of the Flight Global article on the potential connection between 5G and avionic failures.

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