Exploring the Necessity of the Hot Hipot Test

What is a Hot Hipot test and how is it performed?

Naturally, the mere mention of the more specific Hot Hipot test can bring about feelings of apprehension. Yet the concepts involved with the Hot Hipot test don’t have to be entirely elusive to operator and engineer alike. In fact, with a basic understanding of a Hipot test setup, it is relatively easy to understand, implement, and perform a Hot Hipot test.

  • Review the theory of the hipot test and the importance of verifying the strength of the insulation between a product’s current-carrying components and its chassis
  • Learn about Hipot test shortcomings and the benefit of the Hot Hipot test
  • Working knowledge of the Hot Hipot test makes good sense of anyone working in the quality assurance or safety testing fields

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Learn how you can safely perform a Hot Hipot test.

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