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Expanded Line of ePower Connectors

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Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, has expanded its ePower connector series, rated at 800 VDC to 1,000 VDC,  to include right angle overmolded connectors for 200 A and 400 A connection systems. New designs for higher current ratings of 500 A and 700 A continuous are also completed.

In the energy storage market, where space is at an ever-increasing premium, these cost-effective ePower connectors can replace up to three conventional connectors, saving on labor as well as offering a 40% smaller footprint than using three EMI shielding glands.

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Designed to meet the demanding needs of modern electrification programs in high voltage and high amperage applications, these rugged ePower connectors incorporate Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology system to achieve higher current ratings, lower insertion forces, and lower temperature rise and contact resistance.

Amphenol’s ePower connector series features IP2X receptacles available in crimp, lug or bus bar termination, while the plug features IP2X crimp pins and can accommodate shielded wire.  All connectors are available in two and three pole versions.

This connector series includes an all-aluminum shell, strain relief for the jacketed cable and outstanding vibration resistance as well as two signal terminals for last mate-first break HVIL purposes.

Amphenol’s expanded ePower series offers a variety of new design options including sealing caps for both the plugs and receptacles and cavity plugs where one terminal connection is not needed.

In an effort to save time and money, Amphenol offers the option of custom building ePower wiring harnesses in one of its global locations. Through experience and flexibility, cable assemblies can be built with bulk cable or a customer specified cable.  Clips, conduit, coverings and other connectors can be added as needed providing a total value solution.

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To keep up with the quick pace of the HEV market, Amphenol now has all of the sub-components available through its distributors.  Spare parts, different wire size components, cavity plugs, and sealing caps can be ordered for quick delivery.

Specific applications ideal for use with the ePower connector series include power converters, hybrid electric vehicles, heavy equipment electrification, two- and three-phase motors and starter generators in the construction, agricultural, military, bus, truck, motor bike and mining markets.

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