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Silent Solutions Electronic Product Design & Retrofit for EMC

15mayAll Day16Silent Solutions Electronic Product Design & Retrofit for EMC(All Day)(GMT-04:00) Event Type Seminars & Training

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This two-day course gives engineering  professionals the ability to successfully recognize, solve and avoid challenging EMI problems. Demonstrations using working hardware illustrate concepts such as radiated emissions, high frequency antennas, radiated and conducted immunity and crosstalk in connectors, cables and IC packages. Integrating over 30 years of hands-on troubleshooting experience and the latest EMC research, this class is appropriate for experienced circuit and system design engineers, EMC engineers, as well as those who are new to EMI problem solving.


May 15, 2017 - May 16, 2017 (All Day) EST(GMT-04:00)


Westford Regency

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