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Advanced Topics for EMC Control

15junAll Day16Advanced Topics for EMC Control(All Day)(GMT-04:00)

Event Details

This seminar is intended for those who have either already taken the “Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design for Real World EMI Control” or has experience in EMI/EMC Design.  The seminar will present advanced topics to help the attendee understand the physics of the EMC effects without a lot of maths.  A wide variety of trade-off analysis will be presented to help the attendee apply these concepts immediately on real-world design projects.

High speed signal design has created a host of new EMC issues to solve and often the more traditional approaches to EMC design will not solve the issues.  This seminar will cover a variety of new technologies to help control these high speed signal issues, without a lot of added cost to the product design.  For example, alternatives to traditional shielding using absorbing materials and using Electromagnetic Band Gap Filters to filter common mode noise from high speed differential signals are examples of the new technologies available to designers.  A deep-dive into the PCB decoupling capacitor performance and design issues will be presented using both time and frequency domain concepts.



June 15, 2017 - June 16, 2017 (All Day) GMT(GMT-04:00)


The University of Oxford

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