European Commission Designates Nine Chemicals as Very High Concern

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Nine substances have been added to REACH Annex 14 by the European Commission. These substances are now classified as very high concern (SVHC), and the use of these chemicals will need to be authorized. Authorization requests will need to be filed between February 22, 2016 and July 22, 2017 depending on the substance.

The nine substances added to Annex 14 include:

  • strontium chromate (EC No. 232-142-6; CAS No. 7789-06-2);
  • ethylene dichloride, also known as 1,2-dichloroethane (EC No. 203-458-1; CAS No. 107-06-2);
  • oligomeric reaction products of formaldehyde with aniline (technical MDA) (EC No. 500-036-1; CAS No. 25214-70-4);
  • arsenic acid (EC No. 231-901-9; CAS No. 7778-39-4);
  • bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether (diglyme) (EC No. 203-924-4; CAS No. 111-96-6);
  • 2,2′-dichloro-4,4′-methylenedianiline (EC No. 202-918-9; CAS No. 202-14-4);
  • dichromium tris(chromate) (EC No. 246-356-2; CAS No. 24613-89-6);
  • potassium hydroxyoctaoxodizincatedichromate (EC No. 234-329-6; CAS No. 11103-86-9); and
  • pentazinc chromate octahydroxide (EC No. 256-418-0; CAS No. 49663-84-5).

Four EU countries have announced their intent to nominate ten additional chemicals to be classified as very high concern substances.

Read more about the addition of nine substances added to the REACH Annex 14.

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