Eurofins acquires MET Laboratories, Inc.

Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), a global leader in testing, announced on January 11, 2018, that it has acquired MET Laboratories, Inc., (“MET”), a US leader in testing, certification and compliance solutions for electrical products.

MET is a service leader in testing and certification for medical devices, household appliances, automotive and aerospace products. MET ensures that its customer’s products or equipment comply with government, regulatory, and industry safety standards to protect populations and the workplace from potential risks associated with use. MET employs 200 people in its operations in the US, China,  Taiwan and Korea.

MET Labs has provided the global marketplace with diversified testing, certification, and compliance solutions for 60 years. In 1989, MET became the first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) approved to certify for product safety to over 200 UL standard categories and is trusted by manufacturers worldwide for fast market access. MET is the last major NRTL to become part of a
global testing organization.

Comment from Rob Frier, President of MET Labs: “Joining the Eurofins network was a natural progression for MET Labs and provides major growth opportunities for our business and extended services for our clients. With the global network and backing of one of the world’s leading testing and certification organizations, MET’s customers will benefit from enhanced service offerings and innovation. The MET brand will continue to represent the highest level of competence and integrity”.

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