EU sets eco-design requirements for household tumbler dryers

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has issued a regulation implementing new energy efficiency requirements for household tumbler dryers.

The regulation, which was published in October 2012 in the Official Journal of the European Union, is considered an implementation measure under the EU’s Eco-Design Directive, 2009/125/EC.  That directive gives the Commission the authority to establish minimum efficiency standards for those “energy-related products representing significant volume of sales and trade, having significant environmental impact and presenting significant potential for improvement in terms of their environmental impact without entailing excessive costs.”

The new energy efficiency requirements for household tumbler dryers, which come into effect beginning on 1 November 2013, are defined in Sections 1 and 2 of Annex I of the regulation.  The requirements are based on the unit’s energy efficiency index and its weighted condensation efficiency, which are calculated following the methods described in Annex II of the regulation.

Read the complete text of the Commission’s regulation regarding the eco-design of household tumbler dryers.