EU Pushes for “Right to Repair” for Products

As part of the widespread effort to boost environmental sustainability efforts in the European Union (EU), the EU Parliament has passed a resolution calling on the EU Commission to grant consumers a “right to repair” a variety of products, including electrical and electronic devices.

In a text adopted in late November, the EU Parliament suggests a number of methods that manufacturers could adopt to extend the life of their products. The suggestions include extending product guarantee periods, offering guarantees for replacement parts, and giving consumers easier access to information on maintenance and repair options.

The Parliament also calls on the Commission to implement regulatory provisions that would support more sustainable production methods by product manufacturers, and a greater emphasis on reducing practices that shorten the effective life of a given product. The Parliament also recommends increased support for the deployment of more robust second-hand markets for used products.

Read the press release issued by the EU Parliament on its recommendations on “right to repair.”

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