EU Parliament renews concerns about EMFs

The European Union (EU) Parliament has formally adopted a resolution calling on the EU Commission and other parties to speed research into possible adverse health effects associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

The resolution, which was originally presented to the Parliament in April 2009, but just published in May 2010 in the Official Journal of the European Union, calls on the Commission to “present a yearly report on the level of electromagnetic radiation in the EU, its sources, and actions taken in the EU to better protect human health and the environment.”

Covering a large number of issues related to EMF exposure, the Parliament’s resolution articulates pointed concerns about increasing exposure to EMFs from the use of mobile phones, especially among children and young adults.  On that issue, the resolution specifically “condemns certain particularly aggressive marketing campaigns by telephone operators” that feature “mobile phones designed solely for children or free call time packages aimed at teenagers.”

Further, the resolution sharply questions the extended delay in the release of findings from the so-called Interphone epidemiological study, intended to explore possible links between the use of mobile phones and certain types of cancers.  (Results from this study, conducted earlier in the decade, were expected to be released in 2006, according to the Parliament’s resolution.)

View the complete text of the European Union (EU) Parliament’s resolution regarding EMFs.