EU Commission updates revised energy labeling requirements for refrigerators

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has provided additional information on methods of measurement that can be used in connection with its requirements for the energy labeling of refrigerators.

Published in February 2011 in the Official Journal of the European Communities, the transitional methods of measurement supplement information originally found in Annex VI of Commission Delegated Regulation 1060/2010, which details specific labeling requirements for refrigerators, and which was published in the Official Journal in November 2010.

Energy labeling requirements for a variety of home appliances and electronic devices have been promulgated by the Commission in an effort to increase consumer knowledge about the actual energy consumption of comparable household appliances, thereby creating incentives for manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency of their respective products.

View the Commission’s transitional methods of measurement for the energy labeling of refrigerators.

View the Commission’s revised labeling requirements for refrigerators.