EU Commission revises exemption list for RoHS Directive

In an effort to reflect the latest scientific and technical progress in developing alternatives to hazardous materials used in electrical and electronic equipment, the Commission of the European Union (EU) has amended its list of products exempt from provisions of its directive 2009/95/EC, also known as the RoHS Directive.

Published in September 2010 in the Official Journal of the European Union, the Commission Decision provides a revised version of the complete Annex to the RoHS Directive.  The revised Annex ends the exemption for certain products, and sets expiration dates for the exemptions currently granted to other products.

Of particular interest is the Commission’s position regarding the repair of in-service electrical and electronic devices that are no longer exempt under the revised RoHS requirements.  According to the Decision, original spare parts containing hazardous materials that are otherwise banned may be used to repair only those devices that were placed on the market before the exemption expired or was terminated.

Read the Commission’s decision, including the complete text of the revised Annex to the RoHS Directive.

Read corrections to certain entries in the revised Annex to the RoHS Direcitve.