EU Commission publishes standards list for directive on pressure equipment

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has published an updated list of standards that can be used to demonstrate conformity with the essential requirements of its Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure equipment, also known as the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

The PED addresses safety requirements covering the design, manufacture and testing of a range of equipment subject to a pressure hazard. The types of equipment covered under the scope of the Directive include pressurized storage containers, heat exchangers, steam generators, boilers, industrial piping, and other equipment used in the process and energy production industries, and in the supply of utilities, heating, air conditioning and gas storage.

The list of CEN standards, which was published in May 2013 in the Official Journal of the European Union, replaces all previously published standards lists for the PED. View the complete list of standards used for the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).