EU Commission Issues Rules for Automated Driving Systems

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has adopted specific requirements for automated driving systems (ADSs) to help ensure the safety of fully automated vehicles.

Adopted by the Commission in early August, Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1426 details uniform procedures and technical specifications for the type-approval of ADSs. The specifics of the Implementing Regulation are detailed in four separate annexes, as follows:

  • Annex I—Addresses the information that needs to be supplied by the ADS manufacturer in support of their request for EU type-approval;
  • Annex II—Sets forth the performance requirements and technical specifications applicable to ADSs under a variety of scenarios and potential operating conditions;
  • Annex III—Provides extensive detail on the review process to be used by the relevant approval authorities in their assessment of ADS compliance with the applicable technical specifications, and includes several appendices covering the review of documentation and the tests to be conducted; and
  • Annex IV—Maps out the specific requirements for the preparation of an EU type-approval certificate for an ADS that is found compliant with the technical requirements set forth in Annex II.

Read the EU Commission’s Implementing Regulation on automated driving systems as published in the Official Journal.

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