EU Commission confirms dumping of Chinese WWAN modems

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has taken steps to stem the dumping of wireless wide area networking (WWAN) modems originating from the Peoples Republic of China.

Responding to a complaint from an EU-based manufacturer of WWAN modems, the Commission has determined that manufacturers based in the China have been shipping quantities of comparable products into the EU at prices well below market value.  The Commission’s conclusion was based on documented export prices from mid 2009 through March 2010, although the Commission says that the evidence supports the belief that “there was a history of dumping over an extended period of time.”

The Commission’s Regulation, published in June 2010 in Official Journal of the European Union, requires EU Customs authorities to immediately begin the registration of all WWAN modems imported into the EU from China.  According to the Regulation, the registration process will provide the documentation necessary to impose anti-dumping financial duties retroactively. 

View the complete text of the EU Commission’s Regulation regarding WWAN modems from China.