ETSI Specification Group Will Explore New Consumer TV Habits

TV on phoneETSI has launched a new Mobile and Broadcast Convergence (MBC) Industry Specification Group (ISG). The group will explore how to support new ways of delivering media to consumers, taking into account the potential benefits and challenges from commercial and technical perspectives. While television (TV) was traditionally delivered one way—to fixed TV sets—today’s consumers are increasingly watching shows both on traditional screens as well as laptops, smartphones and tablets.  David Hendon, convenor of the MBC ISG. David Hendon, convenor of the MBC ISG said:

Broadcasters and mobile operators will have to adapt their business models to these changed bandwidth flows and there is uncertainty about the optimum technology choices. This ISG is to allow all interested parties to engage with the technical debate now, ahead of whatever standardization work will be needed subsequently.

The group will meet for the first time on 22-23 June 2016 in Guildford, UK, hosted by the Institute for Communication Systems at the University of Surrey. For information on how to participate, contact

Source: ETSI

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