ETSI Launches Industry Specification Group for Non-IP Networking Technologies

ETSI (also known as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) has announced plans to create a new Industry Specification Group (ISG) to address the growing demand for standards applicable to non-IP networking (NIN) technologies.

NIN technologies reportedly offer a number of advantages over TCP/IP-based technologies, including lower cost, reduced latency and decreased power consumption. As a result, they are increasingly being viewed as better suited to support applications intended for use on 5G networks.

According to a press release issued by ETSI, the focus of the new ISG will be on the development of standards for NIN technologies that make more efficient use of capacity, are secure by design and that provide lower latency for live media. The ISG’s initial efforts will reportedly involve investigating the shortcomings of TCP/IP-based technologies and identifying the potential advantages of NIN technologies in overcoming these shortcomings.

The group will also create a framework for testing the efficiency and effectiveness of the protocols it develops.

Read the ETSI’s press release on the formation of its NIN ISG.

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