EPCOS Snap-in AI EI Capacitors in Extremely Compact Design from TDK

TDK Corporation announced two new series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors in extremely compact snap-in designs.  The dimensions of the new B43640* and B43644* series are 22 x 25 mm to 25 x 55 mm (diameter x height), making both series significantly more compact than previous series for identically rated voltage and capacitance values.  In addition, both series feature very high ripple current capability.

The B43640* series is designed for rated voltages from 200 V DC to 450 V DC and covers a capacitance range from 82 µF to 3300 µF.  At a continuous operating temperature of 105 oC, these capacitors attain a service life of 2000 hours.  The B43644* series is suitable for rated voltages from 200 V DC to 500 V DC and is available with capacitance values from 39 µF to 2700 µF.  These capacitors reach a service life of 5000 hours at a continuous operating temperature of 105 oC.

With their more compact dimensions, these new snap-in capacitors are suited as link circuit capacitors in compact frequency converters, solar inverters and power supplies for industrial applications.

For more information, visit www.epcos.com/alu_snapin.