Engineers Develop Durable Fabric Circuit Boards

Fabric Circuit Boards | In Compliance Magazine

Hong Kong Polytechnic University engineers have developed durable fabric circuit boards that can withstand being worn, washed, stretched, and shot with bullets. The fabric could be used for biometric monitoring, specifically for law enforcement and military personnel.

The fabric was tested for durability and performance by repeatedly stretching, shearing, and folding it millions of times before the electrical capabilities were compromised. The next testing process consisted of 30 samples being washed and dried 30 times in a conventional washing machine. Additional testing was required to find an ideal wash/dry combination to lower failure rates after six of the samples showed a reduction in performance. The final test involved sewing pieces of the fabric and sensors into Kevlar bullet proof vests and shooting bullets at it. The fabric was protected under the Kevlar, but there was no compromise of performance due to the impact of the bullets.

Read more about the durable fabric circuit boards developed at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

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