ENERGY STAR Version 6.1 Computers Draft Test Method

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) welcomes your input on the following Draft Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR Computers Test Method. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit comments to EPA no later than June 13, 2014.

Throughout the development of ENERGY STAR Computers Version 6.0, EPA has considered the addition of a number of items to the scope of the program. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been supporting EPA on its ENERGY STAR Computers Specification development by considering whether changes are warranted to accommodate Slate/Tablet devices and Two-In-One Computers in the ENERGY STAR Computers Test Method. DOE has previously received comments, via the ENERGY STAR process, that modifications may be needed to provide further guidance on luminance settings, how to display the images used for testing, and the configuration of cellular and Bluetooth functionality when testing a Slate/Tablet or Two-In-One Computer.

EPA published the Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR Computers Draft Specification on March 12, 2014. In response to this Draft Specification, EPA has received varied written responses from stakeholders and is currently considering these comments in formulating a Final Draft Specification. While this consideration is underway, EPA and DOE have proposed revisions to the test method and would like to receive comment on the attached Version 6.1 Draft Test Method. Proposed revisions to the test method do not curtail specification discussion and further edits may be made as warranted by stakeholder comments and the continuing specification development.

Stakeholder participation is critical to developing a meaningful specification and test method revision and to ensuring the overall success of ENERGY STAR. EPA and DOE welcome stakeholder comments on all topics related to the Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR Computers Draft Test Method. All comments will be posted to the ENERGY STAR website unless the submitter requests otherwise. Please submit written comments to by June 13.

Please direct any specification questions to Robert Meyers, EPA, at  or 202- 343-9923; or John Clinger, ICF International, at  or 215-967-9407. For questions relating to the test method, please contact Jeremy Dommu at  or 202-586- 9870.