Energy Micro, Linear Technology and Würth Elektronik Enables Fast Designs of Battery Less Products with the “Energy Harvesting Solution To Go”-Kit

The “Energy Harvesting Solution to go”-kit provides easy access to energy harvesting technologies which help developers to apply them in future battery less products. The two basic parts of the kit are an energy harvesting board and the Giant Gecko starter kit. The energy harvesting board features four voltage converters of Linear Technology and are optimized for different energy sources like solar, electromagnetic, piezo-electric or thermal energy converters. The board offers two integrated energy sources to immediately start the evaluation.

The Giant Gecko starter kit contains the most energy friendly microcontroller EFM32 Giant Gecko. The EFM32GG990F1024 can perform complex tasks in the Deep Sleep Mode with a few micro amperes and consumes only 200µA/MHz in active mode.

Experience the “Energy Harvesting Solution to go”-kit live during the Electronica show from November 13-16, 2012 in Munich, Germany at the following booths: Energy Micro (A4-442), Linear Technology (A4-538) and Würth Elektronik (B6-404).

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