EnerDel Secures Supply Agreement and Releases Low Profile Energy Storage System (ESS) for Hybrid Buses and Heavy-Duty Transportation Applications

EnerDel Inc. has released the PP320-689-LP Vigor+ for use in hybrid buses and other heavy-duty transportation applications. The new Low Profile ESS features EnerDel’s patented air-cooled thermal management design for single pack operation in hybrid buses, and is scalable for higher-energy-required transportation applications.  The Low Profile ESS is a direct drop-in replacement for Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs currently populating many diesel-hybrid buses.

Road-testing of EnerDel’s ESS for diesel-hybrid buses began nearly one year ago. The ESS has performed failure-free for over 50,000 miles of regular passenger service at a major transit authority in North America. Additional early production systems are successfully operating in regular passenger service in tropical climates as well, demonstrating the air-cooled thermal management design across various atmospheric profiles.

Download a spec sheet for EnerDel’s PP320-689-LP Vigor, visit http://www.enerdel.com/pp320-689-lp-vigor-battery-pack