Employer Fined $29K by FCC for Illegally Using a Cell Phone Jammer

The FCC has issued a fine of $29,000 to R&N Manufacturing, Ltd (RNM) for repeated violations of operating a signal jammer at its manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. The illegal use of the jammer caused interference to cellular and PCS communications in the area that could cause potential public safety hazards.

In March 2013, AT&T contacted the Enforcement Bureau’s Office in Houston reporting that a signal coming from the facility was interfering with its licensed cellular communications. Agents visited the RNM offices to find the specific source of the interference and contact a corporate office about the situation, and while waiting for the Chief Financial Officer to meet with them, the wideband emission stopped. After discussions with the CFO, the agents learned the cellular jammer was installed in the building to block cell phone communications and prevent employees from taking or making wireless calls while at work.

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