EMI/EMC Requirements for Military and Commercial Applications

Compare MIL-STD and IEC/EN/CISPR standards for EMI/EMC testing

The integration of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) equipment in the Department of Defense (DoD) has increased over the past decade. COTS equipment is more cost-effective and is beneficial for improving deployment time, but there are variances between commercial and military testing, particularly in the areas of frequency range, measurement distance, resolution BW, and peak versus quasi-peak. In this white paper, you get to learn key differences among EMI/EMC test requirements for military and commercial applications.

This whitepaper will help the reader:

  • Understand differences between military and commercial EMI/EMC criteria
  • Identify common issues with MIL-STD-461G CE101 & CE102 testing
  • Understand the challenges of testing to MIL-STD requirements

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Download to learn about MIL-STD and commercial EMI/EMC test requirements

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