EMC Suppression in Modules and Devices Precisely and Efficiently with the Langer EMV-Technik GmbH ESA1 System

The Langer EMV-Technik ESA1 – a measurement system for comparative EMC measurements – helps developers make targeted and efficient progress in the development of modules or devices. It does away with cumbersome and time-consuming booking routines to use special EMC rooms or EMC chambers in external facilities. Since the ESA1 allows you to perform measurements directly at your workplace in the course of developments, you will save time and costs over the entire development process. EMC measurements carried out with the ESA1 are similar to far-field measurements so that improvements to the device under test that have been identified with the ESA1 and then implemented have a proportional effect on the result of the far-field measurement.

The ESA1 comprises a shielded cabin (shielding tent) with filtered bushings to connect external measuring instruments, power supplies, etc. In addition, the ESA1 includes a current transformer, an RF bypass and a variety of near-field probes. It is tailored to the development stage and allows the developer to both test the module for emissions at their workplace and to investigate the sources of these emissions (RF sources, for example).

The developer has direct access to the device under test and thus the chance to manipulate this straight away. The effect of EMC measures on the device under test can be verified immediately with the ESA1 in connection with a spectrum analyzer and the ChipScan-ESA software. The frequency response characteristics that are measured and the modification protocol can be compared flexibly with the ChipScan-ESA software. Using this software, the developer can record, annotate, colour, switch on and off, calculate and visualize any number of measurement curves of a spectrum analyzer and thus compare them quickly and easily.

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