Emax 2 Circuit Breakers Offer Power Control Technology

Circuit Breakers Offer Power Control Technology | In Compliance Magazine

ABB has launched Emax 2, the first low-voltage circuit breaker with integrated energy management functions that monitor power usage and control installed loads and generators.

The Ekip Power Controller, exclusive to ABB, is available for Emax 2 circuit breakers for any application where control of power usage is needed. It monitors power as it flows through the circuit breaker and manages loads to keep total power use below the limit set by the user, enabling cost savings on electricity by limiting peak power consumption.

Emax 2 circuit breakers also include direct communication capabilities for seven of the most popular industrial protocols, which simplify network integration. Mechanical design features include a frame that occupies less space, which decreases material needs for switchgear, and adjustable terminals that reduce the need to bend and extend bus bar. The Emax trip unit features color touch-screen navigation with embedded ANSI codes and a wide variety of easily installed accessories to tailor the breaker to its application, as well as increase safety.

Emax 2 circuit breakers offer protection for power distribution, as well as options designed specifically for generator applications, which comprise a comprehensive line of products for energy-efficient power management. Emax 2 provides control, connectivity, safety and performance, while being easily adaptable to future developments in electrical power technology.

For more information about Emax 2, visit www.abb.com.

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