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EM TEST Group expanding business – Acquisition of Lüthi AG

EM TEST Group continues its growth strategy with the recent acquisition of Lüthi Elektronik-Feinmechanik AG, expanding its position as the leading manufacturer and supplier of EMC measuring and testing equipment in the fields of conducted immunity testing and emission measurement. 

Lüthi AG, headquartered in Frenkendorf, Switzerland, is one of the world’s leading and best known manufacturers of coupling/decoupling networks for conducted immunity testing and emission measurement as well as of EMC measuring clamps and accessories. As one of the pioneers in the development of EMC measurement clamps, Lüthi AG products are chosen by the most important suppliers of EMC systems world-wide. 

With this acquisition of January 1, 2010 Lüthi AG becomes a part of the EM TEST Group of companies; however, it will to be operated independently and the Lüthi brand will remain. A new managing director, Mr. Benedikt Hänggi, has been nominated to take over the operations from the former owners, the Lüthi family, who wish to retire. All Lüthi employees will be retained in order to secure the manufacturing know-how and the expertise necessary to produce high-quality Lüthi products.

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The EM TEST Group has been one of Lüthi’s the most important partners for many years as a reseller matching Lüthi products with EM TEST systems. In addition, Lüthi products are purchased by a wide range of recognised resellers world-wide. Synergies of this merger coupled with an enlarged distribution network will insure continued global growth of the Lüthi brand. 

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