Elite Announces Appointment as a Jaguar Land Rover Recognized EMC Laboratory

Elite has announced that they have recently become a Jaguar Land Rover Recognized EMC Laboratory. With only two other JLR recognized labs in the United States, they are now part of a select group of testing facilities that offer data approval for Jaguar Land Rover component and subsystem testing.

In order to achieve this recognition, Elite had to meet the following criteria:

a)  The Lab must have accreditation to ISO 17025.

b)  The Lab must gain accreditation by an ILAC MRA signatory body to perform testing to the following Intentional Standards:

ISO 11452-4  –  Bulk Current Injection;

ISO 11452-2  –  Radiated Immunity (Anechoic Chamber);

ISO 11452-9  –  Radiated Immunity from Portable Transmitters (important for RI 115);

ISO 7637-2   –   Transient Immunity;

ISO 7637-3   –   Transient Immunity;

IEC CISPR 25 –  Radiated Emissions;

ISO 10605    –   Electrostatic Discharge.

c) A facility report using the template on the JLR EMC website must be provided.

JLR also require 1) that Labs do not test without an approved Test Plan number and signature from JLR EMC, 2) that the Labs supply the results in accordance to criteria stated in EMC-CP-2010JLR, and 3) JLR reserves the right to arrange for follow-up correlation tests and/or on site visits to evaluate the test methods presented herein.  A laboratory which refuses such follow-up activities, or for which significant discrepancies are found is subject to having its recognition withdrawn.

For more information on Jaguar Land Rover testing and certification at Elite, contact EMC Lab Manager, Craig Fanning at 1-800-354-8311 x 160.